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Mike’s Hard Lemonade


Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a brand of alcoholic beverages that specializes in flavored malt beverages. It was first introduced in Canada in 1996 by Anthony von Mandl, and it quickly gained popularity for its unique combination of lemonade flavor and alcohol. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is known for its sweet and refreshing taste, resembling traditional lemonade but with an added alcoholic kick. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product line to include various fruit flavors, such as cranberry, black cherry, and strawberry. The alcohol content in Mike’s Hard Lemonade typically ranges from 5% to 8% by volume, depending on the specific product. It is available in bottles and cans and is often consumed as a ready-to-drink beverage.

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11.2oz (12 Bottles), 11.2oz (6 Bottles), 11.2oz Bottle, 23.5oz Can

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