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Delivery is made to your shipping address only, or through digital means for digital products. Since drivers may have already been dispatched, if you cancel your order after it has been processed, a 5% fee will be charged and subtracted from any pending refund as a restocking fee, and you will also be responsible to pay the delivery fees.

Undeliverable products: You will receive a refund if you have placed an order for ‘undeliverable’ products. Your pending refund may be delayed depending on day of the week, time of day, or due to delays within various departments. We reserve the right to refund fees via any payment or bank processing method we choose, and some funds may be made over 1-4 payments depending on circumstances, and may not be refunded to same method of payment you used. For some purchases, we may only offer in-house credit or add a credit to your account.

This is a delivery service platform; in addition to safe alcohol delivery, we may also deliver or distribute digital versions of related software and apps. We may also offer related digital products and marketing services.

When you complete the checkout from our store, our payment gateway automatically “holds” your payment. This will make the funds temporarily unavailable to you, ensuring they are available to pay for the order when it is ready. It appears that the funds have left your account, but technically the bank is holding them. The same process happens at many gas pumps, hotels, etc.

Our pricing: is straightforward and transparent, with no hidden fees in the cost of your order or the product prices. Because product prices are subject to rapid changes, the prices you see might not always reflect the latest rates. To ensure your payment is processed effectively, we may add a buffer amount solely for preauthorizing payment—any overages will not be charged to your card. Any inconsistencies will be corrected before processing your payment. 

Why? because there are some products which we may actually offer for availability and in the event your order needs to be quoted, modified, reduced, or cancelled entirely, we can do so.

Once your order delivery is processed, your payment is automatically authorized via the secure Stripe Payments processor. At this point, any prices discrepancies will have been corrected and any buffer fees or overages that may have been used to support your order will have been removed from your order; you will only pay the amount of the actual products plus our delivery fees, including taxes (if any), and/or tips. We can still issue refunds when appropriate, however many banks take several days or longer to process the refund into your account. Banks are slow, and some banks have time restraints which can see processing times of 30-45 business days from date of purchase. We will do everything possible to serve you in a timely fashion, but we have no control over the banks or payment processors.

Order Cancellations:
We reserve the right to cancel and refund any order at any time for any reason, including but not limited to: product availability, supplier cancellations, pricing discrepancies, overly demanding or hostile customers, customer requests, and nonpayments, if we detect minors trying to circumvent the legal system, etc.

*Credit card orders add 5%
Prices in cart / checkout are not exact. Your invoice will be updated after we have shopped for, or picked up your items, at which time we will add any required additional fees including delivery fees. The amount shown by the driver at the door is the final and correct amount, regardless of any advertised prices shown anywhere. Drivers will do their best to offer you a copy of any receipts related to your order either digitally or via physical hard copy, or a combination of both.

Your order is considered final and no longer cancellable:
There are absolutely no refunds on digital products. For physical products, if you wish to enforce cancellation after ordering, you will still be liable to pay any fees such as a delivery fees; plus 5% creditors administration fees / processing fees. You agree all sales final with regards to digital products. You can try to contact us to cancel or edit your order, but we reserve the right to decide if a refund is applicable unless otherwise noted or applicable by law; extra fees will apply at your expense.

IF WE HAVE PICKED UP YOUR ORDER, OR ARE IN THE PROCESS OF ACCEPTING YOUR ORDER (EG: we’ve already ordered from our vendors, are standing in line after order has been placed or in the process), YOUR ORDER IS NON CANCELLABLE & NOT EDITABLE; at such time you may only add additional stops / products for additional fees or accept the order as-is.

We may contact you prior to processing your order to confirm personal or order details and to prove your identity and legal age of majority via government issued ID.

OUR DELIVERY FEES ARE ONE-WAY ONLY. You are seeking our services for the fastest possible delivery.


Max $500 order may be enforced on alcohol products. We accept credit/debit cards where applicable.  In the event your card is declined, we reserve the right to collect funds for any uncollected transactions owed us. If you fail to pay any fees or charges when due, we may charge such amount directly to a credit card identified in your Customer Account or seek assistance from law enforcement or legal action. We may suspend or terminate your access to our service at any time. You shall be responsible and liable for any fees, including but not limited to attorney’s fees and collection costs, that we may incur in our efforts to collect any unpaid balances from you.

From time to time, we may permit you to order and receive products from businesses that we don’t use on a regular basis. In such instances, we act only as the link between you and such businesses. The purchase, payment, warranty, guarantee, delivery, maintenance, and all other matters concerning the merchandise, services, or information ordered or received from such businesses are covered by their customer agreement and policies and solely between you and such businesses. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the merchandise received from these businesses, and the fact that we make such products available should not be construed as an endorsement of these businesses or the products they provide.

From time to time, products you order may be unavailable. If we are unable to fulfill your entire order, we will make every reasonable effort to substitute the closest product. We do not set the prices for the items you select on your order. We pay the prices that each individual store has already set, which may change without notice and may not match our platform.

BEFORE YOU PLACE A REVIEW, please understand that we care about each and every customer. If you are unhappy with our service for any reason, please contact us first, so we can discuss any issues and make things right. If we fail you beyond that, by all means, leave us a nasty review.

While we do all we can to ensure your order is delivered on time, we cannot be held responsible for any late delivery or failure to deliver due to circumstances beyond our control, such as bad weather, acts of god, vehicle breakdowns, traffic, vendor delays etc.

Please contact us if you experience any difficulties.


By purchasing via our platform or website, you understand that prices may change daily without notice. Our ordering app will be updated regularly but may differ slightly from actual prices.  The total price including delivery charges will be based on the receipts we receive from the stores where your orders originated.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We reserve the right to change the cost of deliveries and/or our delivery fees at any time, especially if orders are too large, heavy, numerous in items, or a greater distance than normal. We may also charge extra for wait times over 10 minutes where we are required to wait for orders to be completed or waiting for payment.

We provide services to you subject to the notices, terms, and conditions set forth in this agreement. In addition, you will obey the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to our services before you use them. We reserve the right to change this site and these terms and conditions at any time.

Before proceeding, please read this agreement because accessing, browsing, or otherwise using the ZippySip site or apps indicates your agreement to all the terms and conditions in this agreement, especially after you have ordered.

You shall not upload, distribute, or otherwise publish through this site any content, information, or other material that (a) includes any bugs, viruses, worms, trap doors, Trojan horses, or other harmful code or properties; (b) is libelous, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, pornographic, discriminatory, or could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the laws of the U.S. or the laws of any other country that may apply; or (c)violates or infringes upon the copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, or other proprietary rights of any person. zippysip.com may give you an account identification and password to enable you to access and use certain portions of this Site. Each time you use a password or identification, you are deemed to be authorized to access and use the Site in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of this agreement, and zippysip.com or it’s subsidiaries, partners or affiliates has no obligation to investigate the source of any such access or use of the Site.

By accepting these Terms of Use through your use of the Site, you certify that you are 21 years of age or older, or the minimum legal age in your state/province to use our services. If you are under the legal age, please use this Site only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian for research or viewing purposes only, minors are strictly forbidden. Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, hereby grants you a limited, revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license or ability to access and use the Site by displaying it on your Internet browser or within the app, only for the purpose of shopping and not for any commercial use or use on behalf of any third party, except as explicitly permitted by zippysip.com  in advance.  Any violation of this Agreement shall result in the immediate revocation of the license granted in this paragraph without notice to you.

Unless explicitly permitted by our company in advance, all materials, including images, text, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, programs, music clips or downloads, video clips and written and other materials that are part of this Site (collectively, the “Contents”) are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. You may not make any commercial use of any of the information provided on the Site or make any use of the Site for the benefit of another business. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including, without limitation, if we believe that customer conduct violates applicable laws or is harmful to our interests. You may not reproduce, distribute, display, sell, lease, transmit, create derivative works from, translate, modify, reverse-engineer, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise exploit this Site or any portion of it unless expressly permitted by our company in writing.

You will be solely responsible for all access to and use of this site by anyone using the password and identification originally assigned to you whether or not such access to and use of this site is actually authorized by you, including without limitation, all communications and transmissions and all obligations (including without limitation financial obligations) incurred through such access or use. You are solely responsible for protecting the security and confidentiality of the password and identification assigned to you. You shall immediately notify zippysip.com  of any unauthorized use of your password or identification or any other breach or threatened breach of this Site’s security.


All sales are final. You may cancel monthly memberships, add-on packages or additional services at any time with a minimum 30 days notice. *Territories require minimum monthly fees and per transaction fees posted elsewhere on our site or within your/our agreements. All platforms require cPanel and website hosting.  You must be of legal age to serve adult products in your jurisdiction, and – to the best of your knowledge and ability, the information you provide must be/is accurate. We do not guarantee business participation or accounts. Branding responsibilities are your own if you purchased a self-starter platform or chose to decline our services for your custom delivery platform. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out by zippysip.com. You also agree that you may forfeit your chance to participate if you do not act on any offers before another party or before they end with or without notice. Your submission does not guarantee placement. *Because we are handing over proprietary files and info, there are absolutely NO Refunds for delivered  digital works or platforms. Monthly Full-Service Platform members may cancel at any time, at which point we end any provided services. We absolve all responsibility to platforms once you receive product files. In no way do you hold zippysip.com or its counterparts liable for questions of law or legal matters, or for your success or failure personally, or as a business venture. Platforms may take up to 30 days or more before going live; usually earlier, but in some cases we may experience longer turnaround times. While you may cancel any time, Artificial Intelligence Services, Annual Hosting, Annual Subscriptions or Annual Chat / SMS features are non-refundable due to the nature of the products and due to the labour involved in offering these platforms or services to you; the digital products you receive / received are below market value and you waive the right to refunds for digital products or annual / monthly features or services. You may cancel any other recurring or monthly features at any time. For Referral, SAAS, Memberships or Affiliate products, Your credit card statement will show a charge from 15764122 Canada Inc.

If you have selected (Self Starter), You agree to the same terms as above excluding gross delivery fees and hosting, unless chosen otherwise

You can start your own territory and work independently or hire commission based drivers similar to Uber. What you do is YOUR business and you are under no obligation to continue monthly.  

Alternatively, you can purchase a complete delivery platform based on zippysip.com (website and app) and we’ll add your branding. It’s your business!

Delivery Service Platform includes Order info and Driver’s Dashboard. Drivers can mark orders finished, add order notes, log in, toggle availability and more.

ZippySip.com offers a comprehensive delivery platform in both ownership and ‘software-as-a-service’ versions. Our Software (SAAS) helps logistics, restaurants, liquor & retail stores, as well as transportation and supply chain operations to be digitally visible and controllable to engage and interact more effectively with their customers. The entire product suite is offered in a SAAS version, or a forever ownership version. If you choose a forever package or exclude our full-service features, you can improve on metrics like operations cost and customer experience, etc. doing so means you absorb full marketing and operations responsibilities and costs. Our products are last mile delivery management solutions that save you work, time & money!

Who Uses Turn-Key Delivery Service Platforms?
Ours are designed for businesses in delivery/courier services, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, cannabis & alcohol delivery, and other industries.

How your custom delivery platform works:
•Customer places an order
-You receive order notification
•Go shopping for the order
•Correct any price discrepancies
•Money is immediately returned to your account
•Process repeats

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with ZippySip any time and we’ll be glad to assist. 


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