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We offer tap payment methods at your door and we are stressing cleanliness at every turn. If you or someone in your family is infected or showing symptoms, please do not use our service. We all need to work together to remain safe.

Delivery service is the safer option today. Keep supporting your local businesses by ordering home delivery with zippysip.com

You can enter your coupon codes during the checkout process. You will see an option to enter Coupon Code either on the “Cart” page, or the “Checkout” page.

We do not mark up product prices. We simply total up all purchases and add a delivery fee on top. Taxes may apply. *If you choose Credit / Debit or a method that requires an Online Payment Processor, an additional fee of 5% applies to your order. This is much lower than the inflated 20-30% pricing model restaurants and businesses are facing when using the Uber-style companies such as Doordash, Postmates etc. 

There are no minimums to which you may order. You can even order a pencil. Regular delivery fees apply.

All sales are final. Due to the nature of our business and for added security, orders can no longer be edited or cancelled after being placed  without adding additional fees and / or delivery delays. This platform is mostly an automated system from end to end. Expect delays if trying to change things with your order or attempting cancellations after the fact. 

We do not accept cheques. We accept most major credit / debit cards. *Please add 5% to your total for using credit / debit cards. 

Sometimes products are out of stock or on back-order, even at restaurants and grocery stores. Some product pages may have an option for you to choose if you’d like us to find a substitute for you, or if you’d simply like us to remove such items from your cart.

Since we do not have a live product feed with vendors, it is impossible to add price totals to your order until after we have shopped for your items, or due to importing fee changes, especially due to recent global issues that are severely impacting shipping. We are currently working on adding more menus and products that will include prices, but even then your cart prices will only be an estimate.

Yes, just log into your account and click the “Re-Order” button next to any previously completed order. You will then go through the checkout process as usual.

Unfortunately we must use the supplied bags from grocery stores. Bag fees are added to your order. At the moment, it is not possible to use reusable bags. 

Yes, someone 21 yrs of age and older must be present to accept delivery of items that are related to alcohol or tobacco; 21 yrs of age (or as dictated by law in your area) for alcohol and tobacco products is a must. We check I.D. at the door and request a valid government photo I.D. to be presented.

We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or a cancellation processing fee of up to 5% for items that you try to return or cancel. We also reserve the right to refuse altogether but will do our best to work with you towards a solution.

Unattended delivery of some products may be able to be negotiated excluding alcohol, tobacco products and other age restricted material.

Sure, why not. It’s always appreciated.

Yes, many businesses have a use for our services. 

Alcohol and tobacco purchases: Due to the nature of our business, we reserve the right to ship these products to the billing address of the payment method only. If you want to order groceries for a parent, friend etc; simply create a new account with that person’s delivery address and your payment information. You will then be responsible for the applicable charges to that account.

Without verification of a phone number, correctly typed email, or delivery address, we will not deliver. We need to text or call to confirm orders in some cases and without correct details, it is not possible for us to safely deliver items. 

Yes, we provide all receipts where possible.

Please contact us at: info@zippysip.com if you need any help regarding your order.

All orders are  date-time stamped. In order for the system to work best for us all, all orders are final. You can contact us to cancel your order, but please expect delays in responding and also with processing. Currently we are experiencing high support requests and order volumes; expect delays. 

All orders are date-time stamped. In order for the system to work best we cannot be waiting around in lines because someone likes to change their order 15 minutes after placing it. This causes us to wait around and starts a domino effect of backlogged orders. If this person is you, you will be charged additional fees for every 10 minutes we have to wait.

By not accepting phone orders, we try to avoid this by allowing you to place your own order. Either by typing  manually into the product order pages or choosing the items yourself.

If WE make the mistake, it’s on us. If YOU make the mistake it’s on you.

Enter the coupon code on the checkout screen or in the cart and click apply or press enter. Your Snappy Delivery discount will be applied.

It is recommended to create an account when making your first purchase. You can log into your account here to see your order history.

Additionally, you will receive an email shortly after placing your order informing you that your order is being processed. The order amount in this email is not your total order price.

*You will receive a second updated email invoice showing your entire order amount after we have completed shopping for, and delivering your order to your door.

The delivery lines showing an amount are the delivery fees for that particular stop or store. You may have selected products or stops from more than one location. You will receive a (multi stop) delivery discount if applicable AFTER all pickups are made and will be visible on your final receipt or invoice. Any Delivery lines without amounts or showing zero amounts, are simply stating a delivery is taking place for a particular group of items of which the fee may already be included in the price of the product added to your cart.

Use the small magnifying glass at the top right of the screen. It will open a field for you to type in your favourite product. We are working on menus and adding products daily so please bear with us. If you’d like to see something please let us know and we’ll expedite your request. Please note, when you search a product, the list displayed may be products from different vendors. When you order products from more than one vendor you will be charged additional delivery fees for extra stops. 

You can log into your account and choose “Re-Order” from any previously completed order. No clicking or typing required. Just look through the list of your favourite orders and choose the re-order button next to it. You will then go through the checkout process as usual.

We are charged processing fees from our payment processing providers. We do not mark up product prices like many other companies, and we do not charge high commissions businesses like the other delivery companies. This helps businesses avoid huge product and delivery markups as high as 35%. Unfortunately, we do incur charges for processing online payments and we keep this pricing transparent. It is much lower than the high prices you pay at the larger delivery firms. We do this to help local businesses and consumers like yourself, and to stop driving prices higher and higher.

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