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We do not mark up prices, we only add delivery fees. Prices in stores may differ from what you find on the internet, in store flyers, or on this site, and so, cart prices will be updated AFTER we pick up your items. We add the delivery fees to your total order after we pick up or shop for any products that cost money. You will receive an updated receipt including all fees after delivery is made. The amount shown by the driver at the door is the final and correct amount, regardless of any advertised prices shown anywhere. (*More products coming soon.)



Extra Delivery Charges

Prices listed are for a single pickup and destination only. Additional fees apply for multiple stops. Fees for extra stops vary depending on the nature of your delivery and distance travelled. 


Our service depends on speed. In fairness to all customers, we do not wait around for people or orders to show up, or for pickups that were edited some time after the order was placed. You may incur additional charges if we are required to wait any longer than 10 minutes and for every 10 minute increment thereafter.



Extra Alcohol Delivery Charges

Age of majority: If you fail to provide proof of age by not showing us your government issued photo identification, we will be forced to return alcoholic beverages at your expense. In addition to the above, the person to which the order is made must be the one who accepts the order;  if these criteria are not met, we will be forced to return products and you may incur return delivery charges.

Overage Charges: An overage charge of $1.50 can also apply for the each of the following:

• every 12 bottles of beer over 36 bottles of beer
• every 1 bottle of liquor over 3 bottles of liquor
• every 1 bottle of wine over 3 bottles of wine 

*A required stop at BOTH the Liquor Store and The Beer Store is a min. extra $4.00

While we try to avoid overage charges, when they are necessary you will be provided with an updated invoice or otherwise notified. 

*Delivery is made to your billing address. If you require additional destinations, please add a note at the bottom of the checkout page. *Extra charges may apply for incorrect addresses entered.

*Credit / Debit card orders add 5% because we incur these extra charges too.

*Delivery times above vary by pick up location or delivery type, and time of day. These are our estimates (in town only). Rush Delivery available on some services for extra fees. Max delivery times may vary due to weather, road conditions etc.


Extra Grocery Charges

  • When this service is available, same day grocery orders  must be made by 4pm or you are required to add Rush Service if you expect delivery prior to closing.
  • Prices listed are for a single pickup and destination only. We may waive this fee at our discretion and only if delivery can be made at time of our choosing (same day). 



Grocery and Courier deliveries are not priority during peak restaurant delivery hours unless Rush option was selected, but will be delivered same day.



You will receive an email once your order is submitted but sometimes there may be short technical delays due to internet or technological issues outside our control. For logistical reasons, some items in the same purchase may be sent as separate packages even if you’ve specified combined shipping.

If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.




  • Ice cream on sticks or in cups, or at all. 
  • Illegal products
  • People
  • Furniture
  • Live animals
  • Anything that won’t fit in a typical smaller vehicle (contact us if you have other needs)()
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